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Business Travel Insurance Coverage Information
Defense Base Act Insurance coverage
Business Travel & Accident Insurance
International & Domestic
War & Terrorism Coverage
As an employer, you want to provide your
employees with Peace of Mind life insurance
coverage offering:

  • NO War Exclusions
  • NO Terrorism Exclusions
  • NO Area or Line or Duty Restrictions
  • Payment of Emergency Death Benefit
    within 24 hours
You now have more choices to offer your

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    Benefit (AD&D)
  • Permanent Total Disability Benefit
  • 24-Hr Business & Pleasure or Business
    Travel Only
  • Emergency Air Evacuation
  • Repatriation of Remains
  • 24-Hour Travel Assistance Services
  • Available on a group and individual basis

Optional Enhancements
  • Acts of Terrorism
  • War or Act of War
  • Kidnap and Ransom
  • Emergency Medical (Domestic and
Defense Base Act (Group & Individual)

This is Statutory Worker’s compensation for
any company awarded a U.S. Government
contract where employees and subcontractors
are required to work outside the U.S. border.

This coverage is Vital & mandatory - failure to
obtain DBA insurance carries stiff penalties
and creates serious liability issues for an

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Term Llife Insurance
No War or Terrorism Exclusions
24/7 Global Coverage
(Defense Base Act)
DBA Insurance Coverage
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International High-Risk Insurance Solutions
International High-Risk Insurance Solutions
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International High-Risk Insurance Solutions
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High Risk Insurance Solutions to meet the unique needs of:

Members of the US Armed Forces              Dept of Defense Contractors               Dept of State Contractors

Dept of Homeland Security Employees                   Local, State, and Federal Government Employees  

Humanitarian Organizations                          Church and Missionary Groups

News Media Organizations                  Multinational Employers   

First  Responders            Firefighters            Police Officers            National Guard

Policies can be purchased as individual or group coverage
DUNS#: 829867980
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depending on regulatory constraints. Please contact us for more details.